Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world

Remember the Path out Of Poverty!?
Lugwardine Primary School did.  In fact, they were so inspired by their peer’s presentations on it that they decided that helping children get to school would be a priority of theirs for the autumn term.

Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. Unfortunately, getting an education is a constant battle for those living in poverty- for example, catching malaria in Malawi would not only cost your parents an entire week’s wages in medication (£4.89) but it would also mean missing school for that week too. This means that keeping up with school work and paying for lunch, books and uniforms becomes increasingly difficult and it is all too often easier to forgo school for an extra family income.

Concern Universal’s projects in Malawi help children get to school by removing barriers to education; improving health care, nutrition and family incomes as well as saving valuable time spent collecting fire wood and water. Did you know that the average distance that women walk in Africa and Asia is around 4 miles!


With all of this new knowledge pupils at Lugwardine Primary School got busy crafting piggy banks of pencils, school books and badges and filled them up all the spare change they could find, raising valuable money for items such as malaria nets, drought resistant seeds, fuel efficient stoves, goats, toilets AND clean water! We are delighted to announce that these individual efforts raised a fantastic £395.13 to help other children exercise their right to education!



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Jo has an arts and social justice background and has previously worked in fundraising and development education with schools in Herefordshire and London. She has a passion for international development and thoroughly enjoys inspiring young people to become active global citizens!

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