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Disaster risk reduction, integrating emergency preparedness and response work with long-term development.

Many of the people that we work with live in areas that are witnessing the impacts of climate change. They live on marginal land that is prone to flooding, droughts, and natural disasters. So in all that we do, we work to help people adapt to these dramatic changes: for example, by providing drought-resilient seeds and facilitating tree-planting programmes. By helping people to anticipate and prepare for both man-made and natural disaster risks, we’re reducing their vulnerability and helping save lives. We also help people rebuild their livelihoods after disaster happens. As well as our work at the grassroots level, we’re working with the governments in Bangladesh, Malawi and The Gambia to help develop a national response to climate change.

If you would like to read our full Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy you can find it here.

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