Gambia is Good

Gambia is Good
Gambia is Good - Selling to Gambia is Good has meant a better income for me, through more crops and better prices during the rainy season.

Gambia Is Good (GiG) is a highly dynamic and innovative social enterprise, born out of a strategic partnership between Haygrove and Concern Universal. Since 2004, it has been providing market opportunities for small-scale Gambian farmers, helping them grow from subsistence farming to commercial enterprise. It has also been particularly successful in raising awareness to a wide range of people about the opportunities for small and medium sized farmers in Africa. Gambia is Good has won multiple awards based on the impact that it has made in The Gambia.

GiG is now under day to day operational control of
 Haygrove and Concern Universal continues its involvement as a strategic partner. Concern Universal is remaining highly active in relation to the link with farmers and wider stakeholders. Read more about the history of Concern Universal's relationship with Gambia is Good.

GIG is helping Gambian farmers achieve a sustainable living by:

Fatou Manneh works in the Ndmeban Japichum community garden in The Gambia’s Western Division. She says, “Marketing this produce was a big problem. As the markets are flooded with produce during the traditional growing season, we got a low price. And a lack of information led to middlemen taking the major part of our earnings. Since 2005, we have sold everything to Gambia is Good and have also received a lot of training on production and the use of hybrid varieties. Year round production became a reality.”

Gambia Is Good started out as a strategic partnership between Haygrove and Concern Universal. This partnership remains, though the roles of the two organisations have changed. GiG was initially an initiative under the day to day operational control of Concern Universal. Haygrove provided input at a strategic level in multiple ways. From 2003 to 2012 GIG progressively supported the growth of market opportunities for horticultural produce. It also developed the capacity of small farmers to supply this growing market. By 2012 the value chain supplying produce to the tourist industry had been transformed from what it looked like GiG began; largely this was a result of systemic change that GiG had a key role in initiating. Hotels now have a significantly increased demand for local produce and promote that to their customers. New players have arisen, taking up the opportunity which GiG led on, to provide a market link between producers and the tourism and hospitality industry. Also beyond this to other key markets. This has had import substitution benefits. In this changed environment Concern Universal and Haygrove needed to support GiG to evolve to the next stage: whilst its initial purpose had been accomplished, business sustainability needed greater attention in a different environment. Furthermore new opportunities were needed to diversify from a horticultural base. As in any value chain, Concern Universal needed to remain relevant in its strategic partnership role with Haygrove in GIG. To enable the entity to grow and respond to the market, whilst still meeting its ethical and social business aims, the roles of Haygrove and Concern Universal have switched. GIG has now come under the day to day operational control of Haygrove. Concern Universal continues its involvement with GiG as a strategic partner. Concern Universal is remaining highly active in relation to the link with farmers and wider stakeholders

Development through sustainable business

GiG is...

GIG now purchases from nearly 1,000 growers, 90% of which are women.

These farmers are making the transition from subsistence agriculture to commercial enterprise. Women in the most rural communities, who previously had virtually no cash income, are now making up to £150 per month. Recent independent evaluation states that over the last three years, GiG growers have increased their income by an average of 500%.

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