Hello Hereford!

Hello Hereford! -

Hello and welcome!

Concern Universal is proud to be the charity partner of Afrovibes UK at the Courtyard, Hereford!  We hope you enjoyed the Afrovibes experience, and that you have been inspired to learn more about the challenges faced by the poor in Africa.

Who are we?

Concern Universal was established in 1976, and has been in Hereford since 1999. Our UK office and shop is on King Street and employs over 20 local people.  We have offices in nine other countries; Bangladesh, Brazil, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique and Nigeria.

What do we do?
Our work is always with people living in abject poverty.
Poverty is the complete inability to afford the most basic of human needs.  It is a huge problem, and it leads to all sorts of other problems like disease, lack of food, lack of safe water, clothes, education and often no safe place to live.  

How are we different?

Working with communities to address their problems, we ask them what they want to change, and how they want to do it. It could be how to grow enough food, how to protect their family from disease, how to get clean, safe water or even how to read and write.

Then we work with them to achieve long lasting, sustainable results, so they can live their lives and support their family without needing anyone else’s help.

Watch our short video on how we 'Start at the Roots'

Last year we spent over £12 million helping people in abject poverty, and this year we would like to do even more.  Please help us make this happen.

You can help in many ways:

Call us on 01432 355111, or call in to our shop to have a chat! 
Together we can do more.  For people, for good. 


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