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We began working in Malawi in the late 1980s, supporting both Mozambican refugees who were fleeing the conflict in their country and the Malawian host communities. When the conflict in Mozambique ended and the refugees returned home, the focus of our work shifted to long-term development support in Malawi.

We help Malawians to identify and achieve their own development objectives; such as reduced vulnerability to climate change, increased agricultural production, accessing clean water and preventing and controlling malaria. In 2011 Concern Universal Malawi produced a 5 year strategy for its work in Malawi.

The strategy set our overall aim to: to create opportunities for lasting improvements in people’s lives. It also set out three strategic pillars for our work: increased quality and coverage of community-focused service provision; targeted interventions to enhance community resilience to climate change and increase agricultural production; and stimulating local economic development and pro-poor economic growth.

You can find out more about the benefits of our work in our latest annual Impact Report.
Our Microfinance organization in Malawi, CUMO, provides rural finance to over 50,000 people.

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