Your donation could help women like Nefa work their way out of poverty.

“I’m really impressed with the way these simple Flower Pot Stoves help change lives.  Please join me and support Concern Universal’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal to fight poverty with a Flower Pot!”

Marcus Brigstocke, comedian and presenter on BBC Radio 4

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Flower Pot Stoves change lives forever.

Nefa’s story…


Nefa Kaliati lives in Ching’ombe village, in Malawi. She is 68 years old and lives with her husband and looks after her five young grandchildren.

Before Nefa learned how to make Flower Pot Stoves, she spent up to four hours, three times each week, fetching wood to cook with and boil water for her family. Her family struggled to afford the basics and she could not afford to pay school fees.

Using her Flower Pot Stove, the amount of wood Nefa has to collect each week has reduced to just a third of when she cooked on an open fire. Now she collects wood just once a week, she has time to grow vegetables to eat and sell, do household chores and look after her grandchildren.

Her grand-daughters are less likely to miss school due to having to collect wood and Nefa also has time to make more stoves to make money to support her family. Nefa has made and sold over 600 stoves since September 2010. The money she makes pays for school fees and household essentials like soap, salt, sugar and clothes.

Nefa’s dream is to save enough to improve her house. She wants to cement the floor, so it is easier to clean, and change her roof from leaky grass thatch to a strong iron sheet. She is encouraging all of her neighbours to use Flower Pot Stoves.

Your donation could help put women like Nefa on the path out of poverty. Please donate whatever you can afford to Concern Universal’s Radio 4 Appeal.

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Dorothy’s story…

Dorothy Eliko lives with her husband and baby son in Kampeni village, Malawi. Before she learned about Flower Pot Stoves, she had to walk over 6 miles, three times every week just to fetch firewood.

Dorothy was using the traditional ‘three-stone’ fire to cook food for her family and warm water to wash with. The dangerous, open fire consumed a lot of wood and created dirty smoke that she and her baby son inhaled as she cooked.


Now, with her Flower Pot Stoves, she relies on nearby twigs and small branches to fuel her stove from the woodlot that Concern Universal helped her to grow.

She makes the 6 mile round-trip for wood just once a week, if there isn’t enough wood in the woodlot. The time she has saves is spent looking after her son and growing vegetables to eat and sell.

Dorothy has noticed other benefits from her stove too. She said “There are less fire-related accidents in my household, I cook faster than on a fire and there is little or no smoke. Because it produces less smoke, I have noticed that people in the area are coughing less. Together with my husband we plan to buy two additional stoves and increase the size of our woodlot by planting at least 500 trees.”

Your donation could help put women like Dorothy on the path out of poverty. Please donate whatever you can afford to Concern Universal’s Radio 4 Appeal.

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Greceria Mayombo shows off a Flower Pot Stove. As a 'Stoves Promoter', she sells stoves to neighbouring villages.

Women from Mg’anja village in Dedza stove production group show off their newly fired stoves ready to sell to other villagers.

Flower Pot Stoves are fired in the kiln for 6 hours then left 24 hours to cool before being ready to sell.

Nefa Kaliati from Ching’ombe village, Makwangwala, Malawi, uses her stove to cook food for her five grandchildren and to keep warm after sunset.

These stoves are waiting to be fired in the village kiln. Each person decorates their stoves with their own 'trademark' so that they can be recognised.


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