What is the DISCOVER project?

What is the DISCOVER project? -

 What does D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R stand for? 

Developing Innovative Solutions with Communities to Overcome Vulnerability through Enhanced Resilience

Where do we work?

Concern Universal seeks out the areas most at-risk from the devastating effects of climate change. Right now we're working in the Nsanje, Dedza, Salima, Karonga and Balaka Districts of Malawi.

What is our goal?

The overall objective is to work with communities and local government structures to bring about a tangible and significant increase in the resilience of the most vulnerable communities in Malawi.

How we're going to do it;

By strengthening the capacity of local authorities, communities and individuals to address and mitigate the impacts of climate change and by increasing the ability of communities and individuals to adapt their livelihoods to cope with climate variability, the impacts of climate change and be resilient to disasters:

Our target (in numbers);

-16,000 households with improved, diversified crops

-4,150 farmers practicing Conservation Agriculture and greater dietary diversity in29,000 households

-50,000 households using fuel efficient stoves

-Growing 5.8 million trees

-27,000 individuals (with primary focus being on women) directly benefiting from Village Savings and Loans and micro-finance services

-Improve information sharing between stakeholders on Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change adaptation

-Establish the early warning system for climate related disasters (slow and rapid onset disasters).

-Contribute towards strengthened disaster risk reduction and climate policy and programmes and delivery structures of key Government Ministries and Departments.

The activities implemented through the DISCOVER project will benefit over 900,000 people .

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